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2020 Reflections and Welcoming 2021

Updated: Jan 7

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning."  T.S. Eliot

2020 is nearly in the history books, and we’re about to start a new decade.

How was it for you? Did it seem to shoot by, or was it a slog you had to fight your way through? We had quite the year here at Noirwolf! Some challenges and learnings, but a lot more enjoyable times, which overall made 2019 a first-rate year for us. Whether it was a rapturous twelve months for you or one that you’d sooner forget, reflecting on what occurred is the best way to make the year meaningful.

As the holiday season approaches, we make a habit of taking some time out of each day to reflect on our experience of the previous year. Your successes and your failures can be powerful lessons if you take the time to examine them. Peering honestly at how you reacted in different situations, whether good or bad, can help you to understand what motivates you, and what you truly want from the future - hopefully

Self-awareness and a willingness to reflect on both the things that went well and the things that you’d instead not look at are critical for anyone in a leadership position, be it in your job, your business, your family, or only as of the steward of your own life. As you approach the start of 2020, prepare yourself for success by accepting the lessons that are waiting for you in 2019.

How Would You Sum Up Your Year?

Start with a surface scan. Set yourself some landmarks to guide your exploration. What were some of the major lessons you learned? Considering them may reveal more in-depth insights.

What gave you the most joy? What were some less than stellar moments? Don’t be afraid to examine the elements of your current state that you’re not comfortable particularly happy with.

These are often more important as a tool for growth than the parts of your life that you’re satisfied with, and usually, if you think about the bigger picture, you’re issues may also be great learnings for other people too.

As you reflect on 2019, what would you have done differently and perhaps changed your path if you had the chance? Consider actions or situations that you recognize as unhealthy so that you can avoid repeating them in the coming year.

What’s Working Well?

All too often, we dwell on our problems and remember the daily defeats more clearly than life’s little victories. So try and explore the good you’ve experienced. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that there are far more positive influences in your life, than you might generally recognize.

What were some of the highlights of your year? These were the moments where everything aligned, and it seemed that the universe was working correctly on your behalf. Was there some specific way you were behaving that you could attribute to those success stories?

How did you grow throughout the year? Where did you make improvements in yourself or your circumstances? Consider the things you like about yourself and the actions you took that made a measurable difference in your life.

What’s Not Working?

No one’s year is all sunshine and rainbows. Everyone suffers setbacks and losses. What’s important is how you react to the bad things that happen to you. If you accept them and learn from your mistakes or challenges, you’ll be better and more-rounded moving forward.

What were the pain points in your year that maybe made you second-guess yourself or had you miss opportunities? How could you have reacted better to these obstacles?

It’s important to linger on moments when you weren’t your best self. Consider why you chose to be timid instead of courageous, or petty when you could have been the bigger person. Everything we do throughout our year reflects on some part of ourselves. It’s when we examine situations and take time to celebrate, it that we can learn who we are.

However, be sure to reflect on your disappointments without judgment. Reflecting on the less sunny side of your life isn’t about telling yourself what a terrible person you were. It’s about learning how you could have been better so that you don’t have to repeat bad habits in the future.

What’s Your Focus in 2020?

As you explore where you’ve been, consider where you want to go. Take the lessons you can learn from 2019 and expand them into the coming year. Decide where you want to put your energies as you travel forward. What you focus on is less important than merely having a focus at all. It’s always better to move toward an objective than to mill aimlessly around. Choose a focus and pursue it with passion!

All of us at Noirwolf wish you and your family all the best of luck in the coming year. You all deserve beautiful things in your lives, and we hope you have the courage the chase after it. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know!

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