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How to Scale Your Organization and Management Structure to Support Your Growth Strategy

Updated: Jan 7

Ready to scale -up your organization and team management structure — without the usual expanding discomforts?

Be deliberate and informed when growing your organization structure. If you’re looking for proof hiring the right people and treating them fairly, is a primary factor in scaling up your business, look no further than serial entrepreneur and adventurer, Sir Richard Branson.

Branson’s founding of the Virgin Group, which has control of over 400 companies, exemplifies how the employee culture he created has led to consistent business growth, and it’s fair to say, challenges too. “If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers,” Richard Branson said in a 2017 interview appearing in an article on the Inc. website.

While some insist Branson’s can lean towards the unconventional at times, his reliance on giving his employees autonomy and flexibility does have its merits – and copied by other successful CEOs across industries.

As you scale-up your business, the importance of changing your team structure and defining job roles is paramount to your business strategy.

What worked for you as a start-up won’t support your scale-up growth aspirations — to avoid any operational mishaps, and unhappy customers here are some useful tips on areas to focus on, as your scale-up your business organization and team.

Building Your Amazing Team

A farmer doesn’t throw seed onto the ground without first cultivating and nourishing the soil.

In your case, the methodical business “soil” is your Human Resources (HR) expert, department, or person, and the seeds are the employees they will be helping you to hire to improve current performance and to invigorate the growth associated with your business strategy scale- up forecasts.

Do you currently have the expertise in-house to help you achieve the goals and objectives required for your business scaling?

If not, you will want to reach for outside assistance and consulting advisory services to ensure a smooth growth transition.

Searching for the HR leadership gem, possibly one who has experienced similar growth objectives within your industry or perhaps, while working with another start-up or small business, is a great place to begin your search for the employees to add value to your operation.

Explore LinkedIn, freelancer websites, and local recruitment agencies if you’re struggling to locate the right HR leader to help your change program.

Developing Your Organisational Structure

Whether you continue with the current HR leader or bring in a new HR change evangelist, the next step is to re-examine the company’s organizational structure and team members.

Growing your business will have its bumps, and when you start to change the team structure with oversight or exclusion of current team members, you may encounter a few challenges.

It can be a precarious situation as one of the aspects may involve speaking with people that are in a specific job, and it goes without saying, doing a brilliant job for you right now; however, perhaps lacking the leadership gravitas or technical skills to grow your business.

It’s a necessity as you are looking to scale-up for the future and having the most optimum organizational structure to transform your business.

The result should be to retain the talent you want to help grow your business and have identified the future roles you will require, as you continue to scale your business into an enterprise organization.

You are having the added benefit of providing career development opportunities, for your hungry “seedlings”.

Rewarding Your Team

Examine the industry standard for employee pay, benefits, and other package aspects and establish the leadership management structure and operations model which best suits you and your budget.

With this comes your responsibility to provide the best available business tools for each of your departments and that meets your operating budget – yes, everyone wants the latest smartphone and tablet. However, unless you’ve delegated the responsibility already, it’s up to you to define the necessary procurement guidance on budgetary goals for IT equipment, benefits-in-kind and additional perks of working at your organization.

Are you going to offer a flexible work model, or do you require the team to be on-site?

If you’re a service industry, then yes, you’re probably going to want them on-site, keeping your customers happy.

When they’re on-site, consider their rest facilities and how you can give them a space that’s engaging and fabulous to be in – on-site benefits are so much more than free tea and coffee or whether you have a slide running through your reception.

Ask your current team to suggest ways that will liven up your base location and make it the best place to work.

Where possible, flexibility is an outstanding part of the scalability process, and you will reap the rewards of an engaged, committed team if you’re able to embrace it within your business operations.

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