• Ralph

Scale-Up Your Processes For Business Growth

Updated: May 14, 2020

Are you looking to scale-up your business process and systems while letting go? – Welcome to the everyday entrepreneur challenge!

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. “ ​–​ Benjamin Franklin

Every successful entrepreneur knows that business growth and diversification rely on you having the ability to delegate and take a step back from running the show.

As such, every startup should have a solid growth strategy plan, and every strategy must include:

  • Your value proposition and selling point

  • Target customers and market segment analysis

  • Efficient People and Talent Management hiring systems

  • Optimized Process and Systems

  • Performance management and KPIs

  • Prudent financial control and budget forecast plans

Scaling up a start-up business is typically a 10% strategy and 90% execution, which is where robust processes and systems come in. Your processes – the way you do things – can even be a source of competitive differentiation, especially if you’re able to systemize and automate effectively.

All start-ups and entrepreneurs reach the point where their business is scalable, and they’re ready to grow.

Identify the Process & Pain Points

We get it! Your start-up business is a product of your conception and successful delivery. You nurtured it through the early stages of life; observing as it first crawled, then rose to walk among others in the business world.

Just as a child is prepared for their first day of school to scale up your baby, you must now be ready to ‘let go and watch it grow!’. Falling and scraping a knee is a common occurrence for maturing children. What does a grown-up do in these situations? The parent or guardian applies an antibacterial ointment to prevent infection in the area.