• Ralph

Scaling Your Business – Ready to Develop Your Leadership Team?

Updated: May 14, 2020

“Can't reinvent the wheel. But you can put your spin on it.” - Lauren Buekes, The Shining Girl

Are you looking to improve your business growth and operations performance?

Over time, every business must evaluate their operations and management structure to be able to exploit business expansion opportunities fully. It could be that you’re looking to add revenue streams or products to your service offering or perhaps expand internationally and into new geographical regions.

There is nothing unique about the growing pains associated with advancing your start-up by scaling your business operations. Research the past two decades, and you’ll likely find some common ground with other successful entrepreneurs and business owners regarding successful business growth.

Comparing your start-up to similar companies that have carried out successful growth initiatives may assist in simplifying some of your day-to-day processes or may alert you to potential pitfalls you hadn’t thought of yet.

For you, if scaling your business and management team is a priority, then you must prioritize and plan your desired action steps and business goals to achieve your vision.

Delegation to Stop the Plate-Spinning

As an ambitious entrepreneur and with large quantities of “vim and vigor”, you created your start-up – directing all aspects of your business. Like the old variety show performer spinning plates atop several wooden rods, you would rush from department to department to ensure no operation plates were in danger of falling off, from sales leads to issuing invoices, you pretty much run the “ship”.

Eventually, you may have hired or be in the process of expanding your team structure, by hiring freelancers, contractors, or designated department managers, which will help to free up some of your time.

Sadly, there are still many hands-on tasks to be completed by you, and as you become more comfortable with the delegation, you will reduce your workload even further.