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How to Manage Your Cash-Flow and Grow your Business - Are you Ready?

Updated: May 14, 2020

A Financial Management Guide for high-growth Startups and Small Business Owners

Trying to manage a business without a proper grasp of your cash flow is like swimming in treacle, it's slow progress, you'll get dreadfully sticky, and it's not much fun.

For small business owners, discover proven ways to manage your cash flow better and gain more harmony with the understanding you can take assess any challenge or opportunity that comes your way. Learn how to build a robust and durable business with smart cash flow management principles.

Learn the main elements that make up your cash flow and key indicators you need to keep an eye on.

Appreciate Your Money Stream

Cash flow and financial management are crucial requirements for all successful businesses, but it's essential for newly formed companies and early-stage startups. If you struggle to grasp your cash flow financial management within the first twelve months, you will unlikely withstand your business over the second year.

Inadequate cash flow management may cause your company to be short of the required funds to be able to pay your supplier bills and cover your urgent operating costs. If your business continually spends more than it earns, you have a cash flow problem.

Securing an overdraft facility or a short-term credit (i.e. soft family loan, bank loan, or using credit cards) is an option and does help you in a crisis.

Once you've consumed all the available credit, you're left still requiring cash injection and facing the possibility of having to close your business – either temporarily or permanently.

Regular Cash Flow Analysis

A good tip is to form a practice of checking your cash flow and analysis the different streams of cash in-flo