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Noirwolf consulting offers comprehensive consulting and coaching for businesses of all sizes.

We specialize in creating effective strategies to help clients achieve their personal and business goals.



Our team is dedicated to delivering a service that is prompt, professional, and easy to use to fulfill your needs.


We proudly assist clients in Leeds, Yorkshire, and the UK nationally and internationally.


With 30 years of experience across industries. Qualifications in business, HR, and project management.


We aim to establish long-term partnerships with our clients to aid their progress and attain their objectives.

What we do.

Noirwolf Consulting Services is a Leeds, UK-based management consulting firm providing consulting and coaching services to small businesses across industries.


Specializing in strategy and business planning, assisting leaders in setting goals, gaining an edge over competitors, and making informed decisions on pricing and resource allocation.

Organizational Development

Aiding leaders in identifying and addressing challenges related to budgeting, hiring, team structure, business process redesign, and change management.


Assist leaders in enhancing business performance by improving communication, team alignment, defining metrics, identifying root causes, monitoring progress, and acknowledging limitations.


We assist you in reaching your goals. Our coaching covers various aspects such as career, business, leadership development, and finding balance in your work life.

About Noirwolf.

Noirwolf Consulting Services is a Leeds, UK-based management consulting firm providing consulting and coaching services to small businesses across industries.

Our business consulting and coaching programs work across industries and markets for firms that want to develop strategies, hire the right people and improve operational performance within their organisations.

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Fit Gap Analysis: Addressing Organizational Hurdles

Fit Gap Analysis: Addressing Organizational Hurdles

A fit-gap analysis is a thorough process that involves identifying the areas within a business that are in alignment with the company’s objectives, as well as the areas that require improvement. This analysis aims to determine the gaps between the current state of the business and its desired state, which then helps to create a targeted action plan to bridge these gaps. By examining the organization’s processes, operations, and procedures, a fit-gap analysis provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to identify deficiencies and opportunities for growth and improvement.

Evaluating Your Business Performance

Evaluating Your Business Performance

It’s effortless for business owners to fall into a routine of letting things run on autopilot once their business is established and running smoothly. However, it’s imperative to keep in mind that planning should never stop. After the initial growth stages, it’s crucial to periodically evaluate your progress, discover ways to enhance your market position and decide on the next steps for your business. This process necessitates revisiting and updating your business plan with the new strategy in mind, as well as making the necessary changes to keep up with the constantly evolving marketplace. This comprehensive guide outlines the crucial steps you must take to evaluate your business’s performance, recognize areas for improvement, and take the essential actions to achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Supply Chain Digital Transformation

The implementation of technology to tackle business challenges and improve business procedures is the main objective of supply chain digital transformation. This all-encompassing concept involves various efforts across the corporation, such as marketing, sales, customer service, and finance. Merging established physical capabilities with emerging digital innovation is crucial for business executives to accomplish supply chain digital transformation.

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