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Professional Business Plan Writing

Detailed Business Plan and Projected Financial Statements

Business plan writing services and small business growth consulting services for those looking to start a business or support financing for a high-growth business. We assist entrepreneurs, start-ups and small-medium enterprise (SME) companies based in the UK and USA international markets that are looking to improve their business performance. We help customers start, plan, develop and run their business and recognize the importance of having a comprehensive business plan. We work across various industries and enterprise-wide functions. We approach our client's project requirements with a fresh perspective by creating customized packages to help our clients build for the future.


We offer a competitive and accommodating pricing structure. Our Start-Up business plan writing services start at £480 (+VAT), and there are other packages available to suit all budgets. Whether you're starting a beauty salon, applying for a visa application or bank loan financing, setting up a subscription software business, we can help you develop a comprehensive business plan to support your start-up and financing needs.

Consulting services include all parts of the business plan:

  • Full Business plan & financial forecasts (i.e. one year, three or five-years)

  • Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary

  • General Company Overview

  • Vision and Goals (Short-term and Long-term)

  • Products and Services

  • Market Research

  • Industry Analysis and Competitor Analysis

  • Target Customer and Pricing Strategy

  • Marketing and Sales Plan

  • Operations Plan

  • Management Team Structure

  • Upcoming Milestones 

  • Key Performance Metrics

  • Financial Section:

    • Start-up expenses (if required)

    • Sales Forecasts,

    • Operations Expense,

    • Marketing Spend

    • Payroll and Hiring Plans

    • Financing Needs (if required)

    • Cash Flow Assumptions

    • Projected Financial Statements (i.e. Balance sheet, Cash Flow, Profit, and Loss)

  • Appendices


Our Business plan development process:

  1. Consultation calls using Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp or another collaboration tool

  2. Complete company overview pre-work questionnaire

  3. Data collecting and customer information sharing

  4. Financial plan daft

  5. Business plan verbiage draft

  6. Adjustments as required

  7. The final business plan document

We can supply simple business plan examples, business plan templates or use your preferred model or use LivePlan software ( for business planning and financial management. We offer all our customers a free-30 minute consultation call with an expert business consultant. 

Are you ready to get started? If yes, then contact us about your detailed business plan, and we will help you. 

Business Plan Writing Price Guideline

Our Indicative Price Range

Noirwolf Consulting team provides strategic business consulting and business plan writing services for customers in the UK, USA and broader international markets. We develop a comprehensive business plan with one, three or five financial projections to support investment discussions or a bank loan or visa application. We offer a cost-effective option and provide the below three pricing options to give you an idea of the budget requirement.  

Several clients have completed market research or the financial assessment already before engaging Noirwolf consulting team to assist with their business plan development; therefore, we would provide a specific price based on the work you have already accomplished. In all cases, there is an element of pricing connected with the desired turnaround time for the final business plan and level of financial analysis you require.


Business Plan Writing & Pitch Deck

A professional business plan, including investment-ready financials,  proformas for financing, investment discussion or visa application for overseas clients and pitch deck. 

  • Executive Summary 

  • Vision & Goals

  • Company Description

  • Products or Services

  • Market Research

  • Competitor & Industry analysis

  • Marketing & Sales Plans

  • Operations & Execution Plans

  • Management Team Bio's

  • Finance section: financing & proformas  (i.e., sales forecast, cash flow, P&L)

  • SWOT Analysis


Business Plan Writing

A comprehensive business plan and financial proformas to support a bank loan application, start-up loan, other financing options and those looking to start a business.

  • Executive Summary

  • Company Description

  • Products or Services

  • Market Research

  • Competitor & Industry analysis

  • Marketing &  Sales Plans

  • Operations plans

  • Owner Bio

  • Finance section: financing & proformas  (i.e., sales forecast, cash flow, P&L)

  • 3-Year or 5-Year business plan options available


Start Your Business

Start-Up Business plan writing, 2-Year Cash Flow Forecast. Ideal for starting a business.  
•    Consulting to help you form your business
•    Business Plan document with the following sections:

  • Executive Summary,

  • Company Overview

  • Products or Services

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Cash Flow 2 Year Statement

The price/ timescales depend on

  1. The work you've done – research, writing, and financials

  2. The details required for your professional business plan

  3. The urgency and required deadline date for the completed document

  4. Delivery Time can be fast-tracked if needed. Please ask the team for more details.

  5. Price estimates are indicative and in GBP £

  6. VAT to be added, where applicable to your country 

  7. Prices estimate are a guideline to help with budget management

  8. We can also provide a customised price option, just let us know your requirements, and we will be in touch with you.

  9. Information correct as of 29th February 2020